Love Like Oxygen

After this the rest is all bullshit

6/50 monochrome edits of Kim Kibum

6/50 monochrome edits of Kim Kibum

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“WH: When he drinks he becomes really talkative
Jjong: He’s talkative even when he doesn’t drink
WH: He likes coffee
Jjong: He likes Americano
WH: He likes playing
Jjong: He likes playing in Gangnam
WH: I remember he got drunk and attended schedule once
Jjong: I remembered the date of that incident”



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EXO-K - Overdose Highlight Medley

EXO-K The 2nd Mini Album ‘중독 (Overdose)’ Highlight Medley”

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a taemin eating study, done for linnhe~


a taemin eating study, done for linnhe~

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it's his journey

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be happy always

i saw this live ;;;;;

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tell my why...

Just open your eyes, pay attention, it’s dangerous .

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08th of April of 1990, a little star was born

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